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Now Open: The AP Biology Lightning Practice Portal!
300+ MCQ and FRQ problem sets with explanations

ultimate AP Biology study guide

Looking for AP Bio study guides?  We've got you covered!  We know you study hard and want resources to know exactly what to study.  Our detailed study guides are completely free and are linked by unit below.  They include:

  • key terms to know

  • chapter outlines and key concepts

  • links to the best diagrams and YouTube explanation videos for reviewing specific topic

Unit 8:  Ecology

want to test yourself?

Our highly requested AP Biology Practice Portal is the perfect complement to our study guides or the textbook.  There's so much information in every chapter - how do you know which topics or terms will show up on your exam?  How will those questions be asked?  

Enter the Practice Portal.  It's there to show you exactly what to expect on your tests and quizzes.  It's got everything you need to practice without wasting any time, from autograding to full answer explanations and a score dashboard.

Ready to level up?

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