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Save time studying for your AP Biology exams!


I created the Practice Portal because my students kept telling me about these challenges:

  • I study for hours but I'm still not getting the scores I want

  • I'm wasting too much time looking for problems online, and most don't have the answers or explanations

  • I feel overwhelmed by all the information I need to remember and have no idea what will actually show up on the test ​


The problem is that there is often a gap between learning the material and applying the material, and the AP Bio Practice Portal bridges that gap.

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Why the Practice Portal works for 700+ students and counting

Intensive practice shows you the different ways a concept can come up on the exam.  Consistently doing and reviewing practice problems is the most efficient way to boost your score on the AP exam and achieve an A in the class.

With the Practice Portal, you can practice without worrying about running out of problems or whether you are improving.  It allows you to easily track your progress and save time - no more Googling for problem sets every week!

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How It Works

Do practice problems

Review answers with explanations

Track performance

Identify topics for more review

What's Included

  • 300+ autograded multiple-choice (MCQ) and free-response (FRQ) practice problems with explanations, organized by topic.  Covers ALL units that are included on the AP exam and new problem sets are added every semester!

  • Track progress and review/redo completed quizzes as many times as you want. Your saved scores will show you exactly which topics you need to study more

  • An exam strategy guide with specific tactics for approaching MCQ and FRQs, from how to stop running out of time on the FRQ to acing data and experiment-based questions

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A Peek Inside the Portal

Practice MCQs

Easy quiz format with 10 questions in each set, so you can easily complete several each week and practice consistently!​

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Screen Shot 2024-01-04 at 6.32.34 PM.png

Autograding with explanations

Detailed explanations for more than 80% of the questions, and important vocabulary terms are bolded to make studying easier.

Practice FRQ

Challenging, experiment-based FRQs that mimic the real exam so you can prepare effectively! 

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Screen Shot 2024-01-04 at 6.29.38 PM.png

Organized by topic

Each section focuses on a different topic, so you can focus on the one at hand and easily review your scores for any given topic. All the chapters in the AP curriculum are included!

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Topics Covered

  • Biochemistry & macromolecules

  • Cells & membrane

  • Enzymes

  • Photosynthesis & cell respiration

  • Genetics

  • Cell cycle & communication

  • Protein & DNA synthesis

  • Evolution

  • Phylogeny & diversity of organisms

  • Viruses & bacteria

  • Plants

  • Immune, circulatory, nervous, ​endocrine, digestive systems

  • Ecology

Ready to start practicing?

Start boosting your AP Biology scores today!

What Students Are Saying

Hear directly from our past students!

I was spending way too much time looking for practice problems and what the answers were online.  This really saved me for every unit test I had!

Kavya M.

Honestly I wish I found this sooner. Would have helped keep my grades up right from the start.  But glad I found it and signed up!

​Marian C.

There have been so many times where a question really similar to one I did in the practice portal showed up on my teacher's test.  I definitely wouldn't have expected them or known to study for those really small details if I hadn't used the practice portal!

Nathan W.

I was actually surprised there wasn't anything else like this when I tried to find practice problems online.  And my teacher's concept checks and assignments are not nearly as helpful as the practice portal for prepping for my tests and the actual AP.  Thank you for making this!!

Evelyn L.

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Ready to crush your next AP Bio exam with the Practice Portal?

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