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Hear about the learning experiences from other science students and parents just like you:

I really like the AP Biology classes! I feel like they are an excellent supplement to the class I am taking in school. I love how prepared Kailin is with premade slides, containing all sorts of relevant information, and challenging practice problems. Whatever topic I am unfamiliar with or need additional help with, she is ready with resources to ensure my understanding. In terms of my overall experience, Kailin is just the sweetest person ever and is so knowledgable about biology. I would go as far as to say she knows more about biology and teaching than my current AP Biology teacher! :) Highly recommend for all students taking the course!

A.N, AP Biology

January 2023

The classes that I get are very good at giving me a firm grasp on the information. From what I've been asked, it seems that my own classes are a little lacking. By asking Kailin about these topics that I need clarification about, I can learn much more than I could on my own, including information that was eventually included on tests! I was able to bring my grade up from a low C to a high B over the span of a few months.

A.A., AP Biology

May 2021

Overall, I think the AP Biology classes have been very beneficial to my education in Biology. In the classes, I am able to ask questions on topics that I have gone over in school, and get further expansion on topics that my school doesn't see as important. The AP Biology classes offered here help give a feel of what the actual AP test will be like, from examples of questions that are often on the test to practice in general.

N.W., AP Biology

January 2021

Hi Kailin, thank you for taking time to help me prepare for my biology tests. Without you, I would have definitely failed. I’m very grateful to you for helping me throughout this year. It means a lot and it was really fun! Thank you.

A.W., AP & SAT II Biology

Sept 2020

I just wanted to say thank you for teaching us everything you did during the class over the summer! I learned so much and had lots of fun at the same time, even though it was online.

A.A., AP Biology

August 2020

Kailin is an awesome tutor! She explains concepts in a very straightforward and easy to understand manner. She’s also really passionate and knowledgeable about the subjects she teaches, and always goes the extra mile to help her students.

June F, AP Biology

May 2020

Kailin tutored my 17 yrs old, who has several learning challenges, and helped her pass Chemistry. She is a great Tutor, extremely knowledgeable, well organized and knows how to explain difficult concepts. I highly recommend her.

Terry B, Chemistry (parent)

June 2020

Thank you so much for your help with AP bio! It's really helped my understanding and saved me a lot of studying time. I will definitely email you if I have other questions.

Christina W, AP Biology

May 2019

Thank you for all your help this semester.  It truly helped me and made junior year less stressful!

M.R., AP Biology

June 2019

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