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Intensive Prep Hybrid

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NEW this year:

Our popular Intensive Prep Program, hybrid style!


The AP Biology Intensive Prep Hybrid program helps students prepare for the AP Bio exam and finals on their own schedule.  The hybrid approach combines the best of both worlds, with both on-demand modules for MCQ/FRQ strategies and full problem walkthroughs, and also live office hours for 6 weeks leading up to the AP exam!

I created the hybrid version of the program because every year many students reach out wanting to join the Intensive Prep, but aren't able to because of schedule conflicts.  Let's face it - as a student you're extremely busy.  With the hybrid Intensive Prep, you CAN get that 4-5 on the exam while juggling all your extracurriculars and other APs!

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The difference between a 3 vs. 5
on the AP Bio exam?

Many schools teach the AP Bio curriculum and the concepts themselves, but don't cover how to approach the actual exam questions.  That leaves a huge gap because no matter how well you know the concepts, it's your ability to apply concepts to real problems that will make the difference between a 3 and 5 on the AP exam.

Knowing how to navigate the real exam questions and working through challenging practice problems are THE most effective ways to ensure a a score on the AP exam you'll be proud of AND do well on your finals.  In this course, I'll walk you through over 10 past FRQ problems and plenty of MCQs, step by step.  

While we aren't affiliated with or sponsored by College Board, all the FRQ and MCQs we walk through in class are from College Board, and that's what sets this program apart from others!

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How It Works

Do the scheduled modules each week on your own time

Complete the assigned practice problem sets and full-length exams

Join my live office hours with your questions 

Use the study plan and Cornell notes for targeted review

Course Highlights

  • Easy-to-follow lessons focused on exam strategy and demonstrated through practice problems. The modules focus on AP Bio MCQ and FRQ strategy, exam structure and timing, and full problem walkthroughs

  • Over 30 full FRQ and MCQ walkthroughs. All problems are from College Board to closely mirror the exam's level of difficulty and question types

  • LIVE weekly office hours with me for 6 weeks leading up to the AP exam. Join to get your specific questions answered!

  • 2 full-length AP Biology practice exams provided, including answer keys and explanations

  • 2-month study plan + Cornell Note templates to keep students on track with concept review (BONUS)

  • Access to our NEW AP Bio + Premed Community! You can ask exam-related questions there, arrange study groups with fellow students, and exchange study resources. 

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This hybrid program is perfect if you: 

  • have a pretty good understanding of the concepts but need more practice applying them to real AP problems

  • need exam strategies specific to AP Biology to score higher and finish the sections without running short on time

  • want full walkthroughs of real exam questions all in one place (so you don't need to keep searching on Google or YouTube)

  • are extra busy with extracurriculars and can't commit to traditional live classes

  • prefer the flexibility of on-demand, shorter lessons that fit better into your schedule

If you would like to quickly improve your grade in class and/or your understanding of the material, we recommend checking out our private tutoring instead. 

Ready to earn that 5?

Start intensive preparation for your AP Biology exam and finals today!

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A Peek Inside the Intensive Prep Hybrid

What We'll Cover

These are the topics we dive into in the program.

  • AP Bio Exam Structure & Format

  • Types of MCQs & FRQs

  • Experiment Design

  • Data Analysis

  • Statistics - Chi Square Tests & Error Bars

  • Interpreting Pathways & Diagrams

  • MCQ Strategy & Problem walkthroughs

  • FRQ Strategy & Problem walkthroughs

  • More Long and Short-Form FRQ Walkthroughs

  • [BONUS] Cheat Sheets for 1st Semester Review

  • [BONUS] Cornell Notes

  • [BONUS] Math Problems in AP Bio (Recombination, Hardy-Weinberg)

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Let's Talk Strategy

From problem sets focused on a specific unit to several full-length AP Biology practice exams (which we'll review the answers to in my LIVE office hours), you'll be able to practice intensively.

Detailed Problem Walkthroughs

We'll cover how to interpret diagrams like these, how much time to spend on each section of a more complex problem, and how to work through the question and arrive at the best answers.

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Bonus Materials to Accelerate Your Review

Each section focuses on a different topic, so you can focus on the one at hand and easily review your scores for any given topic. All the chapters in the AP curriculum are included!

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Enroll now for instant access to the program! 

AP Bio Intensive Prep

Hybrid Program with Forever Access and 6 weeks of LIVE sessions leading up to the AP exam


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