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Online Class

Don’t spend endless hours studying and guessing what will be on your next exam

I get it, biology is tough! If you’re studying it right now, you’ve probably felt that…

  • There is so much information to remember that your head may very well explode

  • Writing notes on all that information eats up all your time

  • What you spent hours studying isn’t actually what shows up on the tests

  • You were considering going pre-med in college and now you’re not sure because you’re not doing so well in your bio class

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With both the private tutoring and small group classes, you’ll get the following supplementary study materials and support:

       Class notes & diagrams written during the session

       Session recordings

       All my class slides and extra problem sets

       Progress summaries for parents

Online Studies

I teach all of our biology small group classes, and my small team of passionate and energetic instructors cover all private tutoring sessions! 


A common question is: which option is best for me?  It depends on how much 1 on 1 guidance you need.  If you're far behind in class or feel like you don't understand a lot of what you're learning at school, then opt for tutoring.  For all other needs, I recommend the small group classes.

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Anika S, AP Biology

“I really like the AP Biology classes! I feel like they are an excellent supplement to the class I am taking in school. I love how prepared Kailin is with premade slides, containing all sorts of relevant information, and challenging practice problems. Whatever topic I am unfamiliar with or need additional help with, she is ready with resources to ensure my understanding. In terms of my overall experience, Kailin is just the sweetest person ever and is so knowledgable about biology. I would go as far as to say she knows more about biology and teaching than my current AP Biology teacher! :) Highly recommend for all students taking the course!"

Hi, I’m Kailin. I’ve worked with high school students in 9th grade and AP Biology for over 8 years to improve their grades, get a 4+ on the AP, and feel joy in learning science. I graduated from UC Berkeley with a B.S. in Molecular Biology and also have an M.S. in Data Science.

Why choose to learn with me?

Having to leave home and drive to classes regularly can be tough for both students and parents.  My online classes make learning science more convenient and flexible, allowing you to learn comfortably in your own environment while interacting with me and fellow students!

Each class is designed to make the most of online and digital tools, because as you may have already realized, studying with just traditional textbooks and notebooks simply isn't effective.  During our classes, I annotate over our slides and diagrams, give fun pop quizzes animated through online platforms, work through difficult biology processes and practice problems on the iPad, and record all sessions so students can review everything at any time.

Our Guarantee

I offer a first session money-back guarantee for all group classes, including our intensive prep class and boot camps.  If you join the first class and are not satisfied for any reason, you won't be charged for it.


My group classes primarily serve the following areas in California, as their standard curriculums align well:

  • South Bay - Cupertino, Sunnyvale, San Jose, Milpitas, and more

  • Peninsula - Palo Alto, Menlo Park and more

  • East Bay - Fremont, Pleasanton, San Ramon

  • Orange County - LA and Irvine

  • San Diego

Tutoring sessions are more flexible, so contact us to get started!

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