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AP Biology Small Group Classes

Start preparing for finals early for the best chance at improving by a letter grade!
Are you worried about your child's progress in AP Biology with finals coming up?
Help them feel less stressed and prepare more efficiently with full support - from extra practice to detailed content review.

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How It Works

Our most popular and highly rated AP Biology Small Group Classes will simplify the most complex concepts so students can learn faster and retain more.  
Classes are held over Zoom.  Sessions start the week of Sept 4, and the day/times will be determined based on availability of enrolled students.  We accept a max of 8 students per session so we can offer more support to everyone.

Students are grouped into sessions based on their curriculum and school district.  This allows us to closely follow what all students are learning in school so they're well-prepared for tests, quizzes, and labs.

We spend 70% of class time on reviewing concepts and 30% on AP style practice problems.
This helps students fully understand, retain, and apply the information to quickly boost their grades.

What's Included:

  • 1.5 hours of Zoom class each week

  • Class recordings and written notes/diagrams

  • Class slides and plenty of AP style practice problems for each chapter, all organized in a shared Google Drive folder

  • Weekly pop quizzes and optional HW to keep students on track

  • 2 live office hours before finals so students can ask any last-minute questions

  • Monthly progress updates

Class Schedule & Enrollment

Current Open Sessions:

  • Thursdays 5:30-7PM PT

  • Fridays 5:30-7PM PT

Tuition: prorated at $90 per session. Students who sign up will need to commit for the rest of Fall semester, through mid-December.

To sign up:  Submit the enrollment form.  You'll receive a confirmation email that you're set.  

First Class Full Guarantee

Over the years, I've had over 90% retention rate with my AP Bio students (meaning we work together the whole year), and nearly 100% of them score at least a 4 on the AP.  


My goal is to empower every student in my classes to excel.  If you try the first class and don't find it helpful, let us know within 5 days and you'll get your full deposit back.

Promotes learning through discussion & interaction
Small class sizes for more customized lessons at an affordable price
Includes digital class notes, diagrams, and extra practice problems

Why Small Group Classes Are Effective

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Sign up now to finish this semester strong in AP Bio!

Questions?  Happy to chat or schedule a free phone consult!  Please reach out at:

(408) 981-3721 

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