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Pre-Med Exploration Summer 2024

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Interested in medicine, health, or other biology field?


Our highly requested program is finally here! It’s designed for high schoolers with a passion for biology just like you. You'll get to experience pre-med and related paths in college AND apply techniques to boost your college applications specifically as a pre-med/pre-health student.  It's a whole journey but we've got you covered every step of the way.


This immersive program includes 3 advanced biology rotations (physiology, immunology, and biotech) in a college-level format, plus detailed guidance on how to get into a top school as a pre-med/pre-health major.

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Offers an immersive yet flexible learning experience with both live weekly instruction & assigned self-paced modules

Enables students to dive into 3 hot areas of medicine and apply concepts to case studies/labs, not just a single topic like other courses

Includes a heavy focus on counseling for students applying to a biology-related major so they can plan ahead and stand out in college admissions


This is a 6-week LIVE program (not self-paced) that includes:

  • 2 hours of live Zoom classes a week. Class format will be modeled after actual college lectures

  • Pre-med/bio counseling - A section built into every live class about how succeed in a biology track in college (e.g., major selection and extracurriculars)

  • Weekly Zoom office hours for students to ask questions about either the rotation concepts or counseling

  • Assigned modules and medical case studies each week. These modules will teach the concepts and vocab for each rotation, while the live classes will focus on application through interactive labs, case studies, and discussions

  • Assignments and quizzes throughout the program to keep students on track

Program Details:

  • Dates: July to mid-August

  • Class day/time: TBD based on enrolled students ’ availabilities

  • Tuition: $1790

  • Here is the tentative syllabus (the final topics will be similar)


This program is for you if you...

  • are interested in pursuing pre-med, pre-health, or other medicine-related subject (e.g., biotech) in college

  • want to dive into advanced biology topics and experience what a science major in college is like

  • need guidance on things like bio-focused activities in high school, major and college selection, and how to shine throughout the admissions process

  • are a highly motivated student who’s willing to dedicate 2-3 hours each weekday over 6 weeks to the program so you get the most out of it

  • are in high school and completed at least 1 year of biology


Love biology?  Dive into 3 highly requested college-level subjects and level up this summer!


Immersive modules released each week

High school and college counseling specifically for biology or pre-med tracks


College lecture-style live classes and office hours

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How It Works

Work through the assigned weekly modules and practice with assignments

Attend weekly live classes to apply concepts in activities and discussions

Get college admissions guidance tailored to pre-med/biology majors.

Join live office hours weekly to get your questions answered

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Try It Out!

We’re confident you’ll love this program so go ahead - try it out! If you're not completely satisfied with the program within the first week of enrollment, send us an email and we'll gladly refund your full tuition.

Program Syllabus


Week 1 - Fundamentals of Physiology >Skeletal & Muscle Groups >Major Organ Systems >[Live Class] Live Case Study >[Live Class] Counseling: Recommended activities + coursework for high school

Week 2 - Neuroscience >Anatomy of the Brain >Diseases and Conditions of the Brain >Anatomy and Conditions of the Spinal Cord >[Live Class] Live Case Study >[Live Class] Counseling: Getting into research and shadowing


Week 3 - The Immune System >Innate Immunity: Complement System >Acquired Immunity: Humoral & Cell-Mediated >Autoimmune Diseases >[Live Class] Live Case Study >[Live Class] Counseling: College & Major Selection for Pre-Health/Biotech

Week 4 - Immune System and Cancer >Antibodies - Function and Applications >Cancer Biology >[Live Class] Live Case Study >[Live Class] Counseling: College Applications


Week 5 - Gene Expression >CRSPR/Cas9 >Protein Expression >Dysfunction in Protein Expression >[Live Class] Live Case Study >[Live Class] Counseling: Succeed in Year 1 of College as a Pre-Health/Biotech Major

Week 6 - Microbiology in Modern Healthcare >Solutions to a Rise in Antibiotic Resistance >Intercellular Communication in Cancer >Special Speakers from the Medical Field >[Live Class] Final Project Presentations

"A Peek Into The Program"

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Kailin received her B.S. in Molecular Biology from UC Berkeley. She has been teaching AP Biology for over 8 years and enjoys sharing her love and knowledge of science.

Angela Headshot.jpeg

Angela Hu received her B.S. in human biology at UC San Diego, and Masters in Science of Nursing at Rush University. Angela loves inpatient nursing and is passionate about healthcare equity.

Meet the Instructors!

Learning is more fun with friends!

Do the program with a friend!  Refer someone and you both will receive $150 off the program tuition when they enroll. 

Ready to unlock an amazing immersive summer experience?

Get ahead by delving into college level advanced biology coursework, and get to your goals with step-by-step guidance for biology and pre-med specific college admissions you can apply right away!

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