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High School Science
Private Tutoring & AP Test Prep
Serving San Francisco Bay Area  & Southern California

Worried about how your child is doing in their AP Biology or Chemistry class, with finals coming up?

With our highly rated tutoring and small group classes for all levels of Biology and Chemistry, we've got you covered. 

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Get Full Support

Whether you need lessons and assignments that supplement school courses or want to review specific homework/labs, we've got you covered.  Our classes will keep you engaged and stress-free.

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Track Progress

The instructor will share detailed feedback with students and parents weekly.  Both parents and students can reach out to the instructor any time with questions or suggestions.

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Access Resources

We offer detailed Chemistry and Biology study guides and practice problems.  Students can also access all their class materials (class notes, worksheets, slides) in one organized place.

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Subjects Taught

  • AP Biology (most popular)

  • AP and Honors Chemistry

  • General biology and chemistry

  • Physiology/Anatomy



We serve the San Francisco Bay Area such as Cupertino, Sunnyvale, and Fremont, as well as students from Irvine, Los Angeles, and San Diego areas since the curriculums are aligned.


Class Options

Choose from small group classes or private tutoring.  All sessions are held online via Zoom so students don't need to rush to class. After all, they're already super busy!


What's Included

  • Our very popular class slides

  • Written notes/diagrams from each class

  • Full practice problems vault

  • Zoom class recordings

  • Monthly progress updates

Test Your Understanding

With ​our Lightning Practice Portal for AP Biology, you'll never have to spend time Googling for practice problems again!  More importantly, you won't be spending hours studying for your next test, only to get the same disappointing results. 


Our vault of 300+ multiple-choice and free response practice sets contains questions that are the most likely to show up on your exams.  Autograding, clear answer explanations, and a score dashboard make it so easy for you to do quick, targeted practice.


Hi there, I’m Kailin.  I have been a private instructor for high school students in the Bay Area for over 8 years, helping them reach their potential in science courses and AP exams and develop smart test-taking strategies.  I graduated from UC Berkeley with a B.S. in Molecular Biology.  

Students spend much of their time and energy studying, and they are also busy juggling extracurriculars. My goal is to help students focus on the right topics and learn efficiently, so they get higher scores with less time.  Because each student has unique goals and learning preferences, class content and study materials are tailored to each individual student.  Visit the Classes section to learn more.


About the Instructor

What Students Are Saying

Kailin is an awesome tutor! She explains concepts in a very straightforward and easy to understand manner. She’s also really passionate and knowledgeable about the subjects she teaches, and always goes the extra mile to help her students.

-June F.


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