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2024 AP Biology Intensive Prep
March 25 - May 5 (6-week program)  |  Saturdays 12-2 PM PST

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Feeling stressed about AP season?  Join me in our annual Intensive Prep program and go into the AP Bio exam (and finals) feeling confident and fully prepared! 

AP Biology Intensive Test Prep

Join me in our LIVE Intensive Prep program as we work through AP Biology practice exams, do intensive problem sets every week to cover all the AP Bio topics, and reviewing the toughest concepts.

We'll go over specific exam strategies for the multiple-choice (MCQ) and free-response (FRQ) problems on the AP Bio exam.  Then we'll apply those strategies through intensive practice.  Studies consistently show that doing challenging practice problems is the most foolproof way to earn a 4 or 5 on the AP exam. 

Please note that the course will not cover the details of every chapter in the curriculum (that will take a lot more than 6 weeks!), but we will review the most challenging topics together based on student requests.

The 2024 AP Biology exam is on Thursday, May 16.

Course Description

Course Highlights

  • 2-hour weekly Zoom classes. Class time focuses on AP Bio exam strategy, exam structure and timing, and intensive MCQ + FRQ practice. 6 classes total.  Classes are every Saturday from 12-2 PM PST.

  • Small class sizes so every student learns and participates more 

  • 2 full-length AP Biology practice exams provided, plus 2 extra open office hours in April to answer individual questions

  • 2-month study plan + Cornell Note templates to keep students on track with material review

  • Problem walkthroughs for all requested practice problems for review

  • Zoom recordings and class notes/diagrams shared after each class

This program is ideal for students who

  • want more intensive, challenging practice and exam strategies for the AP Bio exam and finals

  • have 2 hours available each week for our live Zoom classes

  • have a pretty good understanding of the concepts but need more practice applying them to real AP problems

  • are willing to complete 2 full-length practice AP Biology exams outside of class

If you would like to improve your grade in class and/or your understanding of the material, we recommend checking out our regular small group classes or private tutoring instead. 

A Bit About Me (Your Instructor!)

Hi there, I'm Kailin. I have a B.S. from UC Berkeley in molecular biology and have been teaching AP Biology to high school students for over 8 years now.  I present advanced science concepts in an engaging, organized way to help students confidently ace their biology exams and truly enjoy learning the subject!

Enrollment is open now!

Enroll Now

No payment is due at this time

Program Tuition

6 weeks with a 2-hour class per week

March 25 - May 5 

Saturdays from 12-2 PM PST


What Happens After Enrollment?

1. A deposit of $250 is due after we confirm your enrollment and it will apply toward your tuition. In the case that the the class day/time doesn't end up working for your student and you notify us before class starts, you will be fully refunded.

2. Our scheduling team will reach out to determine the best class day/time that works for everyone.  

If you have any questions about the program, please reach out to me at

(408) 981-3721 or email  I look forward to helping you succeed on the AP Biology exam!

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