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Helpful Links & Resources

Find explanations and diagrams about specific topics in biology and chemistry:

Khan Academy

Provides both short video explanations and articles of all the AP Biology and AP Chemistry topics.  The articles usually include nice, clear diagrams too.

Lumen Learning

Includes articles that describe key topics clearly and concisely.  Often includes walkthroughs of chemistry problems and nice diagrams for biology.  

Bozeman Science - focuses on AP Biology

This website has lecture slides, study guides, and other helpful resources for AP Biology students.  Everything is very organized and it is easy to find the topic you are looking for.

Science Music Videos

Despite the name, this site focuses on interactive AP Biology tutorials and diagrams.  Together, they may help students retain all the information better.

Extra Practice Problems:

Biology Junction

Has many downloadable worksheets and labs for students to use as extra practice.

College Board AP Biology and AP Chemistry Past FRQs

Includes all free-response questions that were asked on real AP exams since 2012/2013.  This is one of the key resources that students use to prepare for the AP exam.  The questions are organized by year and then by question number, so it is easy to find.  The answers and scoring guidelines are also provided for each question.

This website conveniently organizes the past FRQs by topic and links directly to each question on the College Board website.

AP/SAT II Biology Practice Portal

This is the practice portal that we have developed for students to efficiently test themselves and improve their performance.  It includes over 350 multiple-choice questions, and some FRQs, organized into problem sets (like quizzes).  All sets are autograded and include explanations.

Virtual Labs and Simulations:

Sometimes, it really helps to see chemical bonds or atoms actually moving and interacting, or a biological process such as protein synthesis in action.

HHMI Bio Interactive

This website includes fascinating articles relevant to AP Biology topics, as well as engaging virtual labs and simulations with accompanying worksheets.  This is a great resource, especially with distance learning.  The simulations also look much nicer than many of the other simulation websites.

Biology Simulations

This is another website with biology simulations.  Although the simulation graphics are not the best, the topics that they focus on are on point.

PhET - for Biology, Chemistry, and Physics

This was developed by the University of Colorado, and the simulations are very easy to play with.  PhET offers simulations for the widest range of subjects, out of this list here.

CK-12 - for Chemistry and Physics

Students do need to create a free account on this site in order to access the simulations.  The simulation graphics are high-quality, though they do take some time to load.  The simulations from CK-12 focus more on the science behind everyday scenarios, which makes it more engaging.

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