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How You Can Start Boosting Your AP Biology Scores Today

The AP Biology Lightning Practice Portal will prepare you for your next test at school and the AP exam in May

AP Biology Practice Portal 

If you are a student looking to prepare for your exam or a parent of a student trying to find practice problems that will help your child get a high score, our AP Biology Practice Portal is here to help!


Review answers

Track progress

Targeted review

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Practice Makes Perfect

Spending hours over the books studying is not always going to bring the desired results. To prepare effectively for your AP Biology exam and set yourself up for success, you need to combine knowledge with practice.  We want you to achieve your best scores in AP Biology in less time!

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The Solution You Need to Succeed

  • Over 300 auto-graded multiple-choice and free-response (FRQ) practice problems that cover all units of the AP curriculum and follow the College Board style and level of difficulty.  Problem sets organized by topic and hosted on FlexiQuiz, a platform that students love using

  • Your own account, where you can access all new and completed problem sets and easily track your progress in your dashboard 

  • An exam strategy guide on how to tackle MCQ and FRQs in AP Biology 

  • Access to our AP Biology forumAsk questions and get answers from our AP Biology instructor.  You can also discuss solutions with other students

Topics Covered

  • Biochemistry & macromolecules

  • Cells

  • Enzymes & metabolism

  • Genetics

  • Biosynthesis (DNA, proteins)

  • Evolution

  • Phylogeny & diversity of organisms

  • Viruses & bacteria

  • Plants

  • Physiology

    • Immune, circulatory, nervous, ​endocrine, digestive systems

  • Ecology

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A Look Inside the Portal

MCQ answers with explanations:


Practice FRQ:

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Student dashboard:


Try a Free Practice Quiz

15 multiple-choice questions with answers

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Ready to start practicing?

Studying may help you learn concepts and vocabulary, but intensive practice will get you the scores you want on exams. Consistently doing and reviewing practice problems is the most efficient way to boost your score on the AP exam and achieve an A in the class.

With the AP Biology Practice Portal, you can practice without worrying about running out of problems or whether you are improving.  You can also track your scores and save time from looking for practice problems online and flipping through test prep books.

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