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We've made our highly popular Cornell Notes for AP Biology available to ALL students!  Originally they were developed for our group class and private tutoring. When we started getting constant positive feedback and results from our students who used them, we decided to open them up to everyone.

Cornell notes are a special type of note format with 2 columns. The left side has specific questions to answer, and the right side is where students put their answers.  Studies show that they are far more effective than taking regular notes or reading through slides/textbooks.  However, it's hard to know what types of questions will come up on an exam, or which topics are more heavily tested. That's why most students aren't able to create effective Cornell notes on their own.

That's where our carefully curated note templates come in.  They help you by:

  • removing the guesswork from which concepts and vocab you should focus on

  • guiding and focusing your review so you don't waste extra hours studying every week

The 1st Semester Notes Pack includes a Cornell Notes template for each of the following topics, in a convenient, printable PDF format.  There are a total of 9 templates:

  • Biochemistry

  • Macromolecules

  • Cell Structure & Function

  • Cell Transport

  • Metabolism, Enzymes

  • Cellular Respiration

  • Photosynthesis

  • Cell Communication

  • Cell Cycle

AP Biology Cornell Notes - 1st Semester

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