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AP Biology Intensive Exam Prep Course

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Stress less and boost your scores in class, just in time for finals.  With our Acing AP Biology online course, students can now master AP Biology on their own schedule!

The course is designed for students who want:

  • A flexible, self-paced hybrid online course that includes both recorded lessons and weekly live Zoom sessions with the instructor

  • Better performance in their AP Biology class at school

  • More effective preparation for the AP exam in May



Acing AP Biology, Semester 1 

Finals Prep Course

Course Description

Course Description:

Students will review all the key topics covered in the first semester of AP Biology in depth and complete practice AP problem sets to prepare for finals.  This course is designed to be fully aligned with College Board’s AP (Advanced Placement) curriculum standards.

The flow of the course follows the popular AP Biology textbook by Campbell & Reece, which is used by many high schools and universities such as UC Berkeley.

Note: We know students are also anticipating the semester 2 course.  It will be released in January 2021.  Join waitlist

The following are included as part of semester 1:


Biochemistry – Chemistry of Life and Macromolecules



Cells – Cell Structure, Membranes and Cell Transport, Cell Communication, Cell Cycle

Image by National Cancer Institute

UNIT 3, Part 1

Mendelian and Molecular Genetics – Punnett Squares, Inheritance Patterns, Chromosomes, DNA Structure and Synthesis, and Protein Synthesis


UNIT 3, Part 2

Viruses and Biotechnology – Virus Structure and Replication, Key Biotech Tools (PCR, vectors, etc.)

Test Tubes

Course Highlights:

  • Hybrid structurewhich includes both online lessons and weekly 45-minute Zoom office hour sessions with the instructor.  This allows students to first absorb the concepts, then get detailed explanations for their specific questions and challenging topics

  • An award-winning platform that students love to use.  Our course videos and modules work great on any device, whether it’s desktop or mobile

  • Instructor-led discussion forums, in-lecture review questions, student galleries, and more that foster active and social learning.  This keeps students engaged and excited to learn with fellow classmates

  • Recorded video lessons allow students to learn at their own pace.  They can sail through concepts they are comfortable with and slow down for tougher topics

  • Slide annotations and problem walkthroughs in class reinforce students’ understanding as they see processes and problem-solving in action

  • Comprehensive practice problems and study materials,  including visual study guides and graded exams/quizzes.  This saves them the hassle of Googling for materials when studying

  • Affordable: get a complete online course, access to live instructors, and practice problem sets at a fraction of the price of private tutoring and group classes

About the Instructor:

The instructor, Kailin, holds a B.S. from UC Berkeley in molecular biology.  She has been teaching high school biology and chemistry for over 8 years now, presenting advanced science concepts in an engaging, organized way and helping students confidently ace the course and the AP exam. 

Course Preview:

Dashboard 1.PNG
Dashboard 2.PNG
session 2.PNG

What it takes to succeed in AP Biology, and how this course gets you there

  • ​Understanding the whole process, not just the individual vocabulary terms.  Contrary to the way that many students are taught, biology and chemistry are not all about memorization.  These subjects involve lots of processes and systems, and it is essential for students to understand how the different parts of a process work together to make up the whole.  Our beautiful study guides and engaging lessons emphasize the importance of learning rather than memorizing.

  • Connecting the dots between concepts.  This will allow students to more effectively apply their knowledge on their exams in school and on the real AP exam.  Our courses use the overarching biology themes as the framework, drawing connections between different but related topics, and walking through key examples along the way.

  • Targeted practice problems.  Practice problems are great, but not all of them will get you that A for the semester or a 5 on the AP.  We want students to study smart, so our practice problems are all curated by instructors to target the toughest and most frequently tested concepts.

  • Assess and track progress.  All quizzes and exams are graded promptly, so students know what they have mastered and what they need to focus on studying more for finals.  Students can see all their scores and overall grade in the course dashboard.  They can also use this to track their progress over time.

Is this course right for you?  Our courses are most effective for students who:

  • Can stay engaged and focused throughout the video lessons

  • Are self-motivated to stay on track and complete lessons and assignments, since the course structure is self-paced

  • Are willing to participate in class discussion forums to ask questions and discuss with fellow classmates, and attend the live office hours in order to get the most out of the course

If this sounds like you, then let's get started!

Enrollment is open now and closes on Nov 22

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Once students are enrolled in the course, they will have access to all the course content right away!

Acing AP Biology:
1-Year Access

Blood Sample


Best for preparing for semester 1 finals and the AP exam in spring 2021

Acing AP Biology:

1-Month Access



Ideal for short-term access to the course to prepare for finals or boost grades; can be easily renewed as needed

All our online courses come with a 7-day, hassle-free full refund policy

If you have any questions at all about the course, please give us a call at (408) 981-3721 or email

We want you to succeed!  If you typically find it hard to stay engaged with online courses, please check out our Tutoring and Small Group Classes, which may be more helpful.

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